Secured Signing innovates with Video Technology & Remote Witnessing in the Online Signing Workflow, aiding businesses during the pandemic.

Secured Signing continues to innovate by providing Video Signing as part of the online signing to assist businesses during the pandemic.

Secured Signing’s Video Signing is a live, real-time video call between two (or more) parties, where identities can be verified, documents can be explained to ensure non-repudiation and documents can then be securely digitally signed using PKI encryption to ensure any future changes to the document will invalidate signatures.

Mike Eyal, CEO, Secured Signing says:” At Secured Signing we’re serious about your signature so we ensure we can verify who signed every document with video signing – recording the person who signed. We use Digital Signature (PKI encryption) technology that protects businesses and allows businesses to verify and prove that a document has not been modified after it has been signed.”

“From Video Signing, Two Factor Authentication by SMS and Audit Logs to time stamps, [negotiations], effective/contract execution date stamp and Witnesses – we’ve got every feature businesses will need in our completely adaptable and customizable software regardless of the Secured Signing account plan.”

The video & audio recording captures the entire video meeting, including any disclosures that are made plus watching all parties capture their signatures. A unique link and password for the video & audio recording are contained in the signed document. The tamper proof mechanism of the digital signature ensures the video recording details cannot be altered without invalidating the signature.

Video Signing provides the highest confidence in the identity of the signer.

Gal Thompson, General Manager, Secured Signing says “Our platform is fast and easy to use and has advanced features designed to safeguard businesses, documents and signatures.”

“Every digital signing solution says its legally binding….. but…. are they really? Without the advanced Digital Signature, for signer’s Identity, signing intent and document’s data integrity and signatures’ time stamping features offered by Secured Signing you may find the serious business document you got signed, isn’t valid and legally binding at all. Is it worth the risk?”

Industries that are using Secured Signing:

Legal Firms and In-house Legal teams in Australia and NZ

In New Zealand Secured Signing has partnered with Auckland District Law Society and embedded their Webforms Platform that is used nationwide.

In Australia, Secured Signing can be used to sign wills and enduring power of attorney at the moment due to COVID-19.

HR and Recruitment has been one of Secured Signing’s leading industries due to the high volume of paperwork and fast pace required when recruiting staff.

Mike says: “We integrate the leading CRM or systems used by recruitment firms across the world such as Bullhorn and JobAdder. Some of our customers are Manpower Group, H&R Block. They use us for onboarding of new hires.”

Finance: Secured Signing 100’s of finance companies in Australia and NZ. Some of these businesses use video confirmation to add another step to the identity signer.

Local and State Government Departments: Government departments need security and depth of features which is why they have chosen Secured Signing for document signing for both internal and external processes

Accounting/Bookkeeping: Secured Signing has a long partnership with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers in Australia, with many working remotely with their clients to get important business document signed such as BAS authorities, financial accounts & more recently JobKeeper Documentation.

Property & Real Estate: Mortgages can now be signed using Secured Signing because of changes to the law because of COVID-19. Secured Signing is also used for Real Estate Property Sales and Property Management (Rentals and Leases).

Gal concludes: “States and Territories have their own regulations with regards to which industries can use video signing. Victoria is the most advanced when it comes to allowing remote signing followed by NSW. We are thrilled to have been able to offer video signing and remote witnessing as part of the online signing workflow to assist businesses during the pandemic.”


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