Digital Signing during a Global Pandemic


Enter Digital Signing

Digital signing, the superior signing method when compared to electronic signatures, couldn’t have been better positioned for a situation than that of today. With the ability to verify signatures, ensure data integrity and optimize the signing process, employees (and businesses) can focus on work that matters.

The traditional paper process is often time consuming and costly and may take a few days or several weeks to complete. No matter what industry you are in, having your time freed up from the administrative hassle of scanning multi-page documents, getting the documents signed, returned AND filed can be appreciated by anyone who has been involved in the signing process.

Why digital signatures?

Digital signatures provide the highest form of signature and content integrity, as well as becoming universally accepted as a valid way to sign your documents. The best digital signing platforms provide you with easy-to-use, legally-binding, secure and authentic signatures.

Digital signatures without borders

Digital signatures remove geographical and time-zone constraints meaning a person can sign from anywhere in the world, at any time. If you need to be travelling during this time, you can even sign while on the move. With a simple click of the mouse, documents can be securely signed. It’s that easy.

Choosing the right platform for you

  • What makes a digital signing platform worth using? Let us make a list of concepts that will aid in your decision:

    • Which pricing model is most cost-effective for the use-cases within your business?

    • What are your current yearly costs on paper, ink and repairs and maintenance on printers or scanners?

    • Are the signatures legally-binding and can you prove the identity of the people who signed the document?

    • What is the typical length of time the signing-process takes – from proposal to signature? Think of the impact on your business if this was significantly shortened.
    • Is the platform able to be integrated into your current systems and workflows?


    Digital signing is a tool that benefits you and your business moving forward and plays an integral part in optimizing time-efficiency, employee workflow and reducing your operational costs. 

    Let Secured Signing remove the hassle of document signing today and get in contact with us now or sign up for a free trial.

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