Exit the PDF Forms Dead-End with Secured Signing Form Filler

Now you look back, the effort you invested in adding fillable fields to your PDF forms might seem like a waste of time. The hope was that it would be a step towards making it easier for your customers to complete the form. In reality, fillable PDF forms are a bit of a dead end. Even though you can fill them on screen, they still need to be printed to be signed and returned.

In this last post in our series introducing the new capabilities of Secured Signing, well show you a way to turn your PDF forms into proper online forms by adding them to Form Filler.

For those of you just joining us, a massive refresh of Secured Signing was launched earlier this year.  As well as a complete update of the look and feel, we introduced a range of new features including:

     Improved Support for Mobile Devices

     Rerouting of Invitations

     Ability for an Invitee to Decline an Invitation

     Options for Stronger Identity Verification

Check out the earlier blog posts to learn more about these great new features.  The last of the big updates we want to make sure you know about is the ability to directly import your fillable PDF forms into Form Filler.

Secured Signing has always had great forms capabilities.  For simple forms, Form Filler allows you to convert your existing printable forms to forms than can be filled and signed online.  For more complex forms with internal rules and data validation, Form Direct allows us to build dynamic HTML forms your customers can complete and sign online.

With the new improvements to Form Filler, you can finally get a return on your investment in creating fillable PDF forms.  When you add your PDF form to Form Filler, it will recognize the existing fields and convert them automatically for you.  All you need to do is save your new form as a template and invite people to complete it and sign it.  No need to print!

Even better, the people you invite to fill and sign your form can do so on any browser on any device. This is really convenient for people using mobile devices that typically cant deal with PDF forms at all.

Give it a try yourself!  Click the Form Filler button, upload your existing PDF form and check out the results.

Dont yet have a Secured Signing account?  No Problem!  Register for a free trial account.