Webinar: Tips and Tricks – How to use FormFiller Templates

Watch and see how to elevate your signing processes about Secured Signing’s Form Filler! Take your document workflow to unprecedented levels, unlocking efficiency like never before.

Maximizing the potential of your FormFiller Templates

Welcome to our Tips and Tricks Webinar: Get the Most Out of your Templates

In today’s session, we’re diving into FormFiller, focusing on settings and validations. Our aim is to empower you with the expertise to maximize these features, enhancing document workflow efficiency and positively impacting your business outcomes.

Agenda for Today’s Webinar:

  1. What is FormFiller?

    • Transform your paper forms into digitized and reusable templates
    • Invite people to digitally fill and sign the templates
  2. What are Form Fields?

    • Dynamic input fields where you can collect data from your Invitee – such as Text Box for First Names, Addresses. Date Picker for Birthdays and even File Upload button where the Invitee can upload a copy of their ID or certificates and so much more!

Common Use Cases:

  • Registration and Onboarding Forms
  • Contracts for the purchase of goods, services, or works
  • NDA’s, Contracts and Terms

Benefits of Using FormFiller

  • Enhanced data collection based on signer information.
  • Dynamic document fields, adapting to specific requirements.
  • Streamlined signing processes, reducing turnaround time.
  • Minimized errors through automated settings and validations
  • Paper-free Environment 

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