10 Reasons why in-house notaries choose Secured Signing

10 Reasons why in-house notaries choose Secured Signing

In ancient Egypt, Pharaohs had trusted aides verify important documents. This practice eventually led to the use of in-house notaries. In the present day, in-house notaries provide a significant benefit for contemporary businesses. Although outsourcing may appear attractive, it often entails hidden costs and might not suit your business needs.

This is where Secured Signing steps in, a powerful platform designed to unlock the full potential of your in-house notary team.

The Drawbacks of Outsourcing:

While outsourcing may seem like a convenient solution at first glance, it often comes with its own set of risks and drawbacks. Third-party notaries, while certified, may not fully understand your company’s specific needs and the importance of notarizing documents promptly.

Their priorities and commitments might not align with yours, leading to delays and potential complications down the line.

10 Reasons Secured Signing Makes In-House Notaries Shine:

  1. Centralized Command Centre: Secured Signing provides a one-stop shop for managing all aspects of notarization. From document prep to signature verification, everything is organized and efficient, giving you complete control.
  2. Aligned for Success: Your in-house notary is part of the team, invested in your company’s success. They understand your goals and the urgency of your documents, ensuring timely notarization without unnecessary delays.
  3. Unmatched Document Security: Sensitive documents require top-tier security. Secured Signing keeps everything in-house, removing the threat of data leaks or unauthorized entry by outside entities.
  4. Tailor-Made Workflows: Fit Your Needs: Secured Signing lets you tailor workflows to fit your specific needs. Define approval hierarchies, set document expiration dates, and integrate with existing systems for a seamless experience.
  5. Fortress-Level Security: Security is paramount. Secured Signing employs sophisticated encryption and multi-layered authentication to safeguard your data and thwart unauthorized entry.
  6. Stay informed with real-time tracking and reporting. Keep an eye on progress and find problem areas. Create detailed reports for compliance. This transparency empowers you to optimize your notary workflows for maximum efficiency.
  7. Tailored Services – Your Needs, met: In-house notaries can adapt to your company’s specific needs. Whether it’s last-minute requests or peak-season support, they can adjust to ensure a smooth notarization process.
  8. Savings You Can See: Outsourcing might seem cheaper initially, but hidden fees and delays can eat into your bottom line. Investing in in-house notaries with Secured Signing can lead to long-term cost savings and improved efficiency.
  9. Risk Mitigation – Peace of Mind, guaranteed: Notarization errors or delays can have serious consequences. Secured Signing helps you mitigate these risks by ensuring accuracy, reliability, and accountability in the notarization process.
  10. Compliance Confidence: Secured Signing adheres to the highest regulatory standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, and eIDAS. This gives you peace of mind knowing your notarized documents are valid and enforceable.

Secured Signing enables companies to manage their notarization needs effectively. Our platform boasts numerous functionalities. We regularly update our Remote Online Notarization platform with innovative features and improvements, simplifying your tasks and surpassing your clients’ expectations.

It includes an in-house notary service. This service helps simplify processes. It also helps uphold top-notch security measures.

You can confidently manage your documents using our platform. Invest in Secured Signing and unlock the full potential of your in-house notary team.

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