Webinar: Tips and Tricks – How To Elevate Efficiency With These 6 Secured Signing Features

Explore these features to unlock the full potential of Secured Signing, allowing you to experience a more efficient, secure, and tailored approach to managing your digital documents.

Did you know SaaS users utilize only 20% of the features available in the system? Don’t worry! This webinar provides valuable insights and practical guidance on harnessing the full potential of Secured Signing’s features.

Watch the video as we explore how Attachments, Reviewer, Decline & Reroute Documents, Form Direct and Reminders can be effectively integrated into your processes, enabling you to optimize and enhance your overall operational efficiency. 

The 6 Useful Features of Secured Signing


Much like sending an email attachment, Secured Signing simplifies the process of including files and documents in your signing workflow. Gone are the days of sending multiple emails to share and attach documents individually. With our platform, you can effortlessly integrate files directly into the signing process, streamlining the entire experience.


Need to get a signing document to be approved? We have the solution! Seamlessly integrate a designated reviewer into your signing process. This reviewer holds the authority to either approve or decline the document, providing you with an added layer of control, compliance and even a reason!

Decline & Reroute Documents

The feature that will save you so much time! Allow invitee to decline a signing or reroute to someone with authority to sign the document. This will cut time and effort on sending another signing process on your end!

Form Direct

Our custom-designed forms, crafted by our team, cater specifically to your needs. We’ve expertly crafted a majority of government forms in New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom and more.


Guarantee that documents are signed prior to it’s due date with automatic Reminders! Customize the number of reminders to suit your preferences. Plus, have the flexibility to utilize SMS notifications as part of this reminder system.

Extending The Signing Due Date

Documents not signed before the due date? No need to resend the document, system generates a message to the sender asking if you want to extend the due date. 

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