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Streamlining processes with secure methods for Content Manager

About Secured Signing

Secured Signing is a globally recognized digital signature solution that operates in the cloud, offering a secure platform for both businesses and individuals to digitally sign and finalize documents. Established in 2010, Secured Signing employs advanced signing technology, specifically utilizing Public Key Infrastructure Digital Signatures. Its services extend to customers in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.

Electronic Signature and Digital Signature are different.

In contrast to electronic signatures, a digital signature employs a cryptographic technique to validate the authenticity and integrity of digital messages, documents, or software. This involves a sophisticated process of creating a unique cryptographic hash or fingerprint for the document, which is then encrypted using the sender’s private key. The resulting digital signature is like a secure seal that ensures the document has not been altered since the signature was applied.

One notable feature of digital signatures is their ability to serve as a secure timestamp for the document. The initial digital signature effectively seals the document, and any subsequent changes made to the document can be detected and verified through the signature. This level of security extends to various PDF readers, allowing users to validate the authenticity of the document using standard tools.

Secured Signing employs Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology as a foundational component of its digital signature solution. PKI is a framework that utilizes a pair of cryptographic keys, a public key, and a private key, to facilitate secure communication and authentication.

Benefits of the Content Manager Integration

Secured Signing is integrated right into Content Manager meaning you and others in your organization can access signing capability without having to leave Content Manager. Our integration supports Record Manager version 8.3 and higher and all versions of Content Manager from v9.0 through to the latest version 10.1.

  • Automate the process of sending reminder emails to clients and candidates until they complete the signing process.
  • Establish reusable document templates to simplify and enhance the efficiency of your document workflows.
  • When a document is signed and saved in Content Manager, it undergoes a process of secure storage within the Content Manager system. This platform, designed for document and records management, ensures that the signed document is organized, protected, and easily retrievable when needed.
  • Manage and monitor the signing process within Content Manager.

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