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Secured Signing – A serious Signing platform with some serious features!

Established in 2010, Secured Signing is a New Zealand-owned company that has become a global leader in cloud-based digital signature solutions and online forms platforms. With unique signing technology, Secured Signing uses Public Key Infrastructure Digital Signatures for customers all over the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

NTAA Corporate

Founded in 2003 by the National Tax & Accountants’ Association (NTAA), NTAA Corporate specializes in providing advanced companies, trusts, and superfund products exclusively for NTAA members. As a leading document provider, it offers over 30 specialized corporate products and services, operating as an Incorporated Legal Practice.

Changes after Covid19

Various states have recently enacted legislative measures regarding the electronic execution of documents. NSW, VIC and QSD allow witness via audio visual link up to 22 October 2020, 24 October 2020 and 31 December 2020 respectively

Corporation Act 2001 has been temporarily modified to allow companies to execute documents electronically until 5 November 2020.

How Digital Signing works?

Compared to electronic signatures, digital signature uses a cryptographic technique used to verify the authenticity and integrity of a digital message, document, or software. It seals the document with the very first signature, allows validation of document changes in any PDF reader, and doesn’t require keeping copies of documents for long-term storage. 

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