Digital Signing in Content Manager with Secured Signing Integration

Welcome to our seamless Digital Signature solution integrated directly into Content Manager! With Secured Signing, you can effortlessly send documents for signing without ever leaving your Content Manager environment. Our integration ensures a smooth experience for you and your organization, enhancing efficiency and security throughout the signing process.

Experience the convenience of streamlined document signing directly from Content Manager. Join countless organizations already benefiting from our integrated solution.

Simplify your workflows, enhance security, and expedite your document processes with Secured Signing.

Simple, Smart and Secured integration with Content Manager

About Secured Signing

Secured Signing is a globally recognized digital signature solution that operates in the cloud, offering a secure platform for both businesses and individuals to digitally sign and finalize documents. Established in 2010, Secured Signing employs advanced signing technology, specifically utilizing Public Key Infrastructure Digital Signatures. Its services extend to customers in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.

Is Digital Signature secured?

In contrast to electronic signatures, a digital signature employs cryptographic methods to verify the genuineness and integrity of a document. This cryptographic approach ensures that the content of the document remains unchanged, thereby establishing a dependable and authentic seal.

Benefits of the Content Manager Integration

The integration between Secured Signing and Content Manager allows users to effortlessly integrate electronic signatures into their document management workflows. Experience heightened team efficiency and cost-effectiveness, improved workflow transparency, and enhanced experiences for both customers and signers. Additionally, benefit from elevated security measures and increased compliance. OpenText Content Manager offers document versioning, workflow management, search capabilities, and compliance tools to meet the document management needs of large enterprises and organizations – with Secured Signing these features can be streamlined with secured methods.

Secured Signing Content Manager Integration

  • Content Manager integration developed in Australia that provides record management services.

  • Easy and quick installation process – no additional software required

  • Configurable Settings available in the integration:
    valid file type, User Restrictions, Notes, External Recipient and Security Level Warnings

  • Easy User Authentication Process

  • Signers are granted the convenience of signing on any mobile device, facilitating a user-friendly and accessible signing experience.

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