Seamless Integration: Digital Signatures with Secured Signing in Content Manager

Join us for an exclusive webinar on ‘Seamless Integration: Digital Signatures with Content Manager’. Discover how Secured Signing transforms your OpenText Content Manager experience into a streamlined, secure, and efficient process.

Our session will explore the comprehensive capabilities of Secured Signing within Content Manager. Learn how this one-stop digital signature solution simplifies document signing workflows. We’ll demonstrate how easily you can send documents for signing directly from Content Manager, ensuring a seamless experience for both senders and signatories.

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Secured Signing for Content Manager

About Secured Signing

Secured Signing is a widely acknowledged cloud-based digital signature solution that provides a secure environment for businesses and individuals to digitally sign and complete documents. Founded in 2010, Secured Signing utilizes advanced signing technology, particularly relying on Public Key Infrastructure Digital Signatures. The platform caters to clients in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.

Electronic Signature and Digital Signature are not the same.

A digital signature, in contrast to electronic signatures, utilizes cryptographic techniques to verify the authenticity and integrity of digital messages, documents, or software. This involves creating a unique cryptographic hash for the document and encrypting it with the sender’s private key, resulting in a secure seal that guarantees the document’s unchanged status since the signature. Digital signatures also serve as secure timestamps, enabling detection and verification of any subsequent changes to the document.

Send documents for digital signing directly from Content Manager

  • The installation process is designed to be efficient and straightforward, requiring minimal time and effort. Users can easily and quickly set up the system without the need for any additional software.
  • Deployed as an external link in a Content Manager enhances integration, accessibility, and user experience by providing a centralized access point for various tools within the content management platform
  • When a document is signed and saved in Content Manager, it undergoes a secure storage process within the system. Content Manager, dedicated to document and records management, ensures the signed document’s organization, protection, and easy retrieval when necessary.
  • Configurable settings empower users to adapt the integration to their unique use cases, promoting versatility, efficiency, and alignment with organizational requirements: Valid File Types, User Restriction, Notes, External Recipients and Security Level Warning
  • Easy User Authentication process prioritizes simplicity, convenience, and security. By incorporating intuitive design, modern authentication methods, and user-friendly features, organizations can create a positive and efficient user experience during the authentication process.

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