Revolutionize Government Processes with Secure Digital Signatures

Accelerate Government Document Handling with Secure Digital Signatures

Experience the seamless efficiency of securely signing government documents in mere seconds. Transform your government processes by embracing secure digital signatures, enhancing the speed and reliability of executing internal HR contracts or external procurement orders. Say goodbye to the traditional printing, signing, and scanning hassles!

With encryption technology by Secured Signing, obtain legally binding digital signatures effortlessly. Revolutionize document execution, making it faster, safer, and simpler than ever before

Serious Signing platform with some Serious features!

About Secured Signing

A world-leading cloud-based digital signature solution that provides a secure platform for businesses and individuals to sign and complete documents digitally. With unique signing technology, Secured Signing uses Public Key Infrastructure Digital Signatures for customers all over US, UK, NZ and AU.

Is Digital Signature secured?

In contrast to electronic signatures, a digital signature employs a cryptographic technique that verifies the document’s authenticity and integrity. This cryptographic approach guarantees that the content remains unchanged, making the signature a trustworthy seal of authenticity.

Being ISO 27001 compliant ensures that Secured Signing has a robust framework for managing information security, reducing risks, and continuously improving its security posture. It provides assurance to customers and partners that the organization takes information security seriously and follows internationally recognized best practices.

Unique Signing Features for your Workflow

Rich and Robust Signing Workflow

Secured Signing provides a versatile and robust signing workflow, enabling organizations to efficiently handle complex signing processes with a high degree of flexibility and security. Its adaptable nature makes it well-suited for various industries and diverse use cases. Specifically, Secured Signing is equipped to implement a multi-tiered approval process, particularly beneficial for documents that necessitate input and approval from multiple stakeholders, clients, or signers.

Unique Integrations

Microsoft 365, Magiq Software and Opentext are just some of our incredible integrations. Secured Signing offers seamless integration capabilities allowing organizations to incorporate its electronic signature and document workflow solutions into their existing systems and applications. Our integration enhances overall efficiency and user experience, providing a more streamlined and unified approach to digital document signing.

Video Signing

Secured Signing’s Video Signing feature surpasses conventional electronic signatures by integrating live video interactions, introducing an additional level of confidence to the signing process. This enhancement contributes to a digital transaction experience that is both secure and reliable.

Long Term Archiving

Secured Signing provides a comprehensive solution for long-term archiving of signed documents, ensuring the secure storage and accessibility of digital records over an extended period. Signed documents are securely stored in a tamper-evident manner, safeguarding them against unauthorized alterations and maintaining their reliability.

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