Webinar: Digital Signatures For SharePoint With Secured Signing

How do digital signatures work within SharePoint?

About Secured Signing

A world-leading cloud-based digital signature solution that provides a secure platform for businesses and individuals to sign and complete documents digitally. With unique signing technology, Secured Signing uses Public Key Infrastructure Digital Signatures for customers all over US, UK, NZ and AU. 

Is Digital Signature secured?

Compared to electronic signatures, digital signature uses a cryptographic technique used to verify the authenticity and integrity of a digital message, document, or software. It seals the document with the very first signature, allows validation of document changes in any PDF reader, and doesn’t require keeping copies of documents for long-term storage. 

Benefits of SharePoint integration

Secured Signing’s integration with Sharepoint enable users to seamlessly incorporate electronic signatures into their SharePoint-based document management processes. Enjoy increased team efficiency and cost savings, improved workflow and visibility, a better experience for customers and signers, and enhanced security and compliance. 

Key features of the integration

Send documents for signature directly from SharePoint, monitor the signing process with an in-progress dashboard, add form fields for capturing information. Signers can sign on any mobile device, and signed documents are automatically saved back into SharePoint. 

Additional Takeaways

  • Secured Signing is a great way to improve your business processes by making them more efficient and secure.
  • With Sharepoint’s comprehensive collaboration and content management system – the SharePoint integration makes it easy to send and sign documents without leaving SharePoint. 
  • Digital signatures use PKI to create unique signature to the Signer which helps protect your documents from fraud.

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