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Why choose Digital Signatures?

Serious Signing Platform

Established in 2010, Secured Signing is a New Zealand-owned company that has become a global leader in cloud-based digital signature solutions and online forms platforms. It offers a secure service enabling businesses and individuals to digitally sign and complete documents. With unique signing technology, Secured Signing uses Public Key Infrastructure Digital Signatures for customers all over the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

We have collaborated with various platforms to ensure smooth integrations and simplify the document signing process. Partnerships with major players such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Bullhorn, and numerous others have resulted in extensive integrations, enhancing the overall value we provide to our customers. No more lengthy paperwork!

Digital Signatures are Legally Binding 

Digital signatures use sophisticated cryptographic techniques to provide high authentication and guarantee the document’s integrity. The cryptographic approach ensures that the content remains unaltered and that the signature serves as a reliable seal of authenticity.

Digital signatures hold legal validity and are recognized as legally binding in many jurisdictions. The cryptographic keys, including a private key known only to the signer and a public key available for verification. This creates a unique identifier for the signer, adding a layer of authentication to the signed document.

How to get Started with Digital Signatures? 

  • Map out your business process to provide a clear and visual representation that helps in understanding, communicating, and improving the efficiency of your operations.
  • The roles of the document owner and sender within a business process are distinct in ensuring effective communication, collaboration, and document management. Who should be included in the signing process? Who needs to sign? Is the document required to be approved?
  • Customizable workflows enable organizations to tailor the signing process to their specific needs. This includes defining the order in which documents are signed, setting approval steps, and incorporating multiple signatures.
  • Archiving signed documents is a crucial aspect of document management, especially when it comes to compliance with regulatory requirements and the nature of the documents. Identify storage archiving options based on the company’s regulatory requirements For your security, we delete the signed documents by default after 7 days.

Our Processes

  • WeSign allows you to send one-off documents for Signing.
  • FormFiller, create your templates and send it for filling and signature. No more printing and scanning!
  • Form Direct, custom built government forms made seamlessly for your process.

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