We Sign – Sign as an Invitee and invite a Witness

We Sign - Successfully Sign a Document and Nominate a Witness

Watch it in Action here!

Step 1

Email Invitation gets sent out to your Inbox

You will receive and email invitation from the document owner to sign a document or documents. 

Click on the blue button to start the signing process. 

Invitation Email

Step 2

Sign and Nominate your Witness

Review the document and signatures’ placement by scrolling around the document.


As part of the signing process you will be prompted for the details of who will be the Witness.

Add the Witness’ Full Name and Email Address. An email invitation will be sent to the Witness requesting them to view the document and sign.

Step 3

Capture your Graphical Signature

If you have not captured your Signature, the My Signatures pop-up window will open where you can capture, create, upload or Fax us your Full Signature and your Initials.

Once you have captured your graphical signature it is stored in the Secured Signing service ready to use whenever you get invited to Sign.

Note: You can easily delete your Signature any time!

Check out Capture your graphical signature for a more detailed example.

How to Sign as an Invitee and Nominate a Witness

A seamless solution for signing documents as an invitee and nominating a witness. With our innovative platform, you can now complete the signing process efficiently and securely.

Watch it in action below!


Invitation process is complete!

The document now appears in the document owner’s In Progress folder on the My Documents page, where they view the status of the document.

When all Invitees have signed you will be sent a confirmation email and the document will be moved to the Signed Folder.

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