We Sign – Sign as a Witness

We Sign - Sign as a Witness Invitee

Watch it in action here!

Step 1

Email Invitation gets sent out to your Inbox

You will receive and email invitation from the document owner to sign a document or documents. 

Click on the blue button to start the signing process. 

Witness Signing 1

Step 2

Accept Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

A document Signing Information pop-up window will automatically open once you  have accessed the document. 

Tick the checkbox to Accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and then click the green button OK

Step 3

Capture your Graphical Signature

If you have not captured your Signature, the My Signatures pop-up window will open where you can capture, create, upload or Fax us your Full Signature and your Initials.

Once you have captured your graphical signature it is stored in the Secured Signing service ready to use whenever you get invited to Sign.

Note: You can easily delete your Signature any time!

Check out Capture your graphical signature for a more detailed example.

Step 4

Sign as a Witness

Review the document and signatures’ placement by scrolling around the document.

A ‘Sign Here’ arrow indicates where your signature/s will be added.

Enter your details and the security code from your email invitation and click the blue Signature Box: Click to Sign


Witness Signing is complete!

The document has been signed and will automatically returned to the document owner’s Signed folder.

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