We Sign - Sign as a witness

Also available: We Sign - Sign as a Witness video

Step 1: Receive an email invitation to sign

If you received an email invitation to witness a signed document follow the link in the email to Witness or log in with an existing account. If prompted.

Start to sign your document
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Step 2: Accept signature status

A Document Verification popup will let you know if there are no signatures found, all signatures valid or if some invalid signatures are detected. You can use this information to decide if you'd like to continue the process. To continue, click 'Ok'.

Capture your graphical signature before digitally signing
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Step 3: Capture your graphical signature

Once you've logged in if you havn't already captured your graphical signature, you'll need to do so.

Once you have captured your graphical signature it is stored in the Secured Signing service ready to use many times.

See Capture your graphical signature for a more detailed example.

Digitally sign your We Sign invitation
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Step 4: Sign as a Witness

Review the document and signatures placement. A 'Sign Here' sticker indicates where your signature/s will be signed. Enter your details and the security code from your email invitation and click 'Sign'.

Your document is verified first
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Witness process is complete!

The document has been signed and is automatically returned to the document owner's 'Signed' folder.

We Sign invitation process complete
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