We Sign - Invite people to sign

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Step 1: Log in to Secured Signing

Navigate to www.securedsigning.com and click the Secured Sign In tab on the top-right of the page.
Fill out your login details and click Login.

Step 2: Add a document

Once you log in you should arrive at the Inbox on the My Documents page. Click the Add New Document button to show the document uploader.

Click Browse to find and select the document you wish to sign.

Click Upload to add the document to your Secured Signing workspace.

After successfully adding the document it will appear in your My Documents Inbox.

Upload a document to Secured Signing
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Step 3: Start We Sign process

Click Invite on the document you wish to invite people to sign (My Documents Inbox). You will be taken straight to the We Sign Console and begin the We Sign process.

The We Sign console shows a preview of your document and allows you to place signature blocks in an easy-to-use design environment. In We Sign the signature blocks can be for Invitees or Witnesses of the signing.

Tip: You can navigate within your document by clicking the thumbnail-preview pages to the right or select a page from the page drop-down menu on the left.

Start We Sign process - Use the workflow to invite people
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Step 4: Add Invitee signature

Click Add Sig to add a signature to your document. A popup window will display with all the options you can use to tailor the signature for your purposes:

Invitee details (e-mail, f.name, l.name):

Enter the details of the person who is signing the document. An e-mail invitation will be sent to the e-mail address you provide so be sure it is correct!

Signature Type:

Select between a full-signature or initials. Selecting Initials is much like initialing a paper document. When you set up your graphical signature you must provide both a full signature and your initials.

Signature capture format:

Specify whether the Invitee can use an E Signature or a scanned signature. An E Signature, whilst still legally binding, can be captured using any of Secured Signings signature capture processes. A scanned signature, however, must be a digital copy of your real signature. Some organisations require signatures to be visibly consistent with a traditional hand-written signature so they can compare how it looks to their copy on file.


Include the Invitee's Job Title with the signature.


Prompt the Invitee to provide a reason for signing to embed in to the signature.

Multipage Signing:

Allow the Invitee to sign multiple pages. You specify which pages the Invitee can sign; All pages, odd pages, even pages or select specific pages.

Set your invitee graphical signature settings
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Step 5: Send out the invitation/s to sign

Click Next to open the signatories workflow popup and prepare the signing procedure. Here you can define a specific signing order, set a signing due date / time, change the details of the invitees and create custom messages to send with the invitation emails.

To specify a signing order select the "sequential" radio button and use the arrows on the left of the invitee list to move invites between first and last positions.

Click Edit to change Invitee details, Click Modify/View to view the email message or create your own.

Send out the We Sign Invitation
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Invitation process is complete!

Your document now appears in your "In Progress" folder on the My Documents page so you can view who has signed, and who is yet to sign. When all Invitees have signed you will be sent a confirmation email and the document will be moved to your Signed Folder.

Workflow is complete
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