I Sign - Sign documents

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Step 1: Log in to Secured Signing

Navigate to www.securedsigning.com and click the Secured Sign In tab on the top-right of the page.
Fill out your login details and click Login.

Step 2: Add a document

Once you log in you should arrive at the Inbox on the My Documents page. Click the Add New Document button to show the document uploader.

Click Browse to find and select the document you wish to sign.

Click Upload to add the document to your Secured Signing workspace.

After successfully adding the document it will appear in your My Documents Inbox.

Upload a document to Secured Signing
(Hover your mouse over the image to zoom)

Step 3: Start I Sign process

Click Sign on the document you wish to sign (My Documents Inbox) to go straight to the I Sign Console and start the I Sign process.

The I Sign console shows a preview of your document and allows you to place signature blocks in an easy-to-use design environment.

You can navigate within your document by clicking the thumbnail-preview pages to the right or select a page from the page drop-down menu on the left.

Start the I Sign Process
(Hover your mouse over the image to zoom)

Step 4: Add a signature

Click Add Sig to add a signature to your document. A popup window will display with all the options you can use to tailor the signature for your purposes:

Signature Type:

Select between a full-signature or initials. Selecting Initials is much like initialing a paper document. When you set up your graphical signature you must provide both a full signature and your initials.

Default Features:

Leave these options (Date/Time & Name) checked if you'd like them included with the signature. Uncheck these options to omit them from the signature.


Include your Job Title with the signature.


Select (or write your own) reason for signing to embed in to the signature.

Multipage Signing:

Use the signature block to sign more than one page. You can sign all pages, even & odd-numbered pages or select specific pages to sign with Page Selection.

Set your graphical signature settings
(Hover your mouse over the image to zoom)

Step 5: Position & Resize signature block

To reposition / move the signature block simply hover the mouse over the green block, hold the left mouse button down and drag the mouse around the screen. Release the mouse button to drop the signature at it's new location.

To resize the signature block hold the mouse button down on the yellow handles (top, right, bottom, left corners) and drag the mouse around to grow or shrink the

Position and resize your graphical signature
(Hover your mouse over the image to zoom)

Step 6: Sign

Click Sign All in the actions toolbox on the left-hand side of your I Sign console.

Signing Successful!

Digitally sign your document
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