SharePoint: How to Send a Document for Signing With WeSign

Step 1: Open with Secured Signing

You can initiate signing from menu, or from context menu:

  1. Select one document, and choose “Secured Signing” from menu, select your action from the dropdown menu items, or
  2. Right click one document, and select your action from the context menu.

Different action will redirect to different pages. In this sample, click “Send for Signature”.


Step 2: Login with Secured Signing

You need a Secured Signing account to connect with SharePoint Online. Input your credentials to login Secured Signing. If you don’t have a Secured Signing account, click “Register”.
On the next step, click “Authorize” to allow your Secured Signing permissions.


Step 3: Start Signing Your Document

On the next page, you should see your account’s info on the top right. Different action will show different page. In this sample, you can select how to sign the document.

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