Salesforce: Use Secured Signing Digital Signatures with the Salesforce Community Portal


You can use Secured Signing together with Salesforce Community Portal.

This means, instead of your invitee receiving an email invitation to sign your documentation they will be notified that a new document(s) is waiting to be signed in their community portal. Once the login with their own credentials they can begin the signing process.

They can also view all signed their signed documents in their community profile.

In this article, we will show you how to setup Secured Signing within the Community Portal function.

Step 1. Enable Community for your organization.

Search Salesforce support documentation for further instructions on this.

Step 2. Enable Secured Signing in Community Portal for New Community Users

Next, in Secured Signing Settings, Go to Settings Tab.

Tick Enable for ‘Contact by Default Signs in Community Portal’

Step 3. Turn on Secured Signing Permission in your Community Portal for Existing Community Users

In Setup, Click Users, Choose Permission Sets

Select ‘Secured Signing Invitation Permissions’

Click ‘Manage Assignments’. Tick next to the existing users you wish to add access to Secured Signing with Community Portal.

Once selected, click Add Assignment.

Step 4. Design Community Portal with Secured Signing component

Secured Signing Invitation List component will be in the list when you design your community portal. You can drag and drop this component into your portal designer. Refer to Salesforce resources for more about how to build your community portal.

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