Salesforce: How To Send A Document Template For Signing With FormFiller

In this article we will show you how to send document templates for signing

Step 1. Choose your document template(s)

Click ‘Start Secured Signing’ button in the object it relates to. In the Secured Signing pop-up choose FormFiller

Select the template or templates in the dropdown list you wish to send for signing. Click Start Sending.

Note: If you are not the template owner, you will only see templates which have been shared with you. If you cannot see a template, contact your system admin.

Preview the template Click ‘Next’

Step 2. Confirm the signing workflow

Here, you can:
  1. Set a signing due date / time;
  2. Define a specific signing order. (Tick the Sequential box and drag green bar to change order.)
  3. Review the details of the invitees.
  4. Click Send button to send out the invitation and start the signing process!

Additional Workflow Features

Some additional workflow features includes: Edit Invitation Email
Add personal messages, edit the subject line to send with the invitation emails,or select email template from the list
Add Attachments
Add document / flyer files/ handbook/ terms & conditions as attachments to send with the invitation emails. These are documents that do not require signing. Adding attachments to email invitation has no extra cost.
Review Before Signing
Tick this function if you want the invitee to read through the document fully before they are able to sign. This will add an action to the audit log.

Note: To enable different workflow options, you need to activate them first in your Secured Signing Account Settings. In Secured Signing, go to ‘My Account’ -> My Settings to enable the different workflow features.

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