Salesforce: How to Build a Document Template with Salesforce Fields & FormFiller

In this article we will show you how to take existing forms or documents that you use over & over again and convert them into digital templates.

These templates can include Salesforce fields! With two way data flow, you can push Salesforce information into your documents. Also collect new information from your customers and automatically update their Salesforce record effortlessly.

Step 1. Upload your Template Document to Salesforce

Click ‘Upload File’ in the Salesforce record where the templates relates to.

Step 2: Create & Design your New Template

Click ‘Start Secured Signing’ button in Salesforce object

Choose ‘Create New Template’

In the document list, choose the template file you have uploaded in step 1. Click start.

Start Designing your template:

Add Field(s)

By default, the integration grabs fields related to current Salesforce record.

Or you can insert Secured Signing fields:

  • Text Box
  • Multi Line Text Box
  • Checkbox
  • Radio Button
  • Datepicker
  • Drop Down List
  • File Upload Button

More Field Settings

If you are using Salesforce fields, for each one you can choose if you want to allow:

  • Show Salesforce Value – If this field has a value, do you want to push the data into the document.
  • Edit Field- Can the invitee edit this data? If not, it will be a read only field.
  • Update Salesforce Value – Do you wish to push new data or amended data back to Salesforce record.

  • Form Logic – Validation: Decide the logic of filling in this template. For each field you add, is it a mandatory field and if yes, why who? The invitee or the sender? If you leave this blank, it means the document can be signed without having to input data into this field.
  • Field Label – to help the invitee fill in the template, give each field a label. You can select from a list of common labels or type your own. Via the integration, the system picks up the Salesforce field label automatically.

Note: There is no limit to the number of fields you can use in a document template. You can also combine Salesforce fields with Secured Signing fields.

Add signature(s)

  1. Select page on which to put signatures.
  2. Select invitee role (for example, contact, current login depending on the Salesforce object) who needs to sign this document.
  3. Click to signatures to add to current page.
  4. Drag the signature to right place.

How to remove selected signature or field

If a signature or field has been placed by mistake, you can click it to select and click the red Remove button to delete it.

Preview the template

Before saving the final version of your template, click the blue Preview button to see your template design.

Click ‘View PDF Version’ to see how the data converts to pdf. You need to put data in the fields to be able to test this.

Step 3. Save Template

Once you have completed designing your template, Click ‘Save as Template’ in the top toll bar.

Here, you can:

  1. Give the template a name
  2. Select the Signed Document Name
  3. Choose if you’d like to get template data after it signed in CSV File
  4. Click Save button to save the template.

How to share template(s) with other users

Go back to the template grid to send the template to sign

Do you need anything else?