Notary: Preparing For Remote Online Notarization With Notary Wizard

Secured Signing offers an easy way for Notaries to set up a Notarization process.

Click on the orange “Notary” button to start

Click the orange “Notary” button.

Then you will see this screen.

Welcome to Secured Signing’s Electronic Notary Solution.

Step 1: Select your document.

You can create a single Document process or create a package of multiple documents. Documents can be uploaded as files in your PC/hard drive, or Cloud storage.

Select documents from your PC, local hard drive or Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive Account or if already uploaded, from the Secured Signing Inbox folder.

Select your Documents.

Once selected press next.

Step 2: Schedule RON Meeting

Enable RON and schedule an online notarization meeting, the date and time for the RON meeting should be before the signing due date. If you need to extend this due date and reschedule the RON meeting later, you can do so from the ‘In Progress’ tab.

Video Signing – Remote Online Notarization (RON).

Identity Proofing and Credential Analysis

You can set up Identity Proofing and Credential Analysis as required. By default KBA and ID Verification are selected.

Identity Proofing and Credential Analysis.

Personal Knowledge means the Notary knows the client and is able to identify the client with just the RON meeting.

Credible Witness – Client is unable to provide ID Verification, or you know a witness that can identify the client. This witness needs to be added to the signing process and needs to pass KBA and ID verification.

Note: An invitee can do the KBA and ID Verification any time before the RON meeting, and then use the email invitation to join the meeting if they have already passed KBA and ID Verification.

Vulnerable Audit

Secured Signing supports Vulnerable Audit for Florida.

These are special accommodations that Florida notaries require for RON when notarizing certain documents, see here for the Florida Law that specifies what a RON Technology Provider must do: 2022 Florida Statutes & Constitution

In case the notary is from Florida and witnessing certain documents.

Then select “Yes” below:

The Signer will have an additional set of questions and a statement after KBA is completed. Based on their answers the signer will move on to ID Verification before signing.

Step 3: Add Clients / Notary

Add Client/Witness name and email address and setup ID Verification matching, if needed.

Select which Notary, in the event you have multiple Notaries on your account.

Client Details – Invitees.

Step 4: Electronic Notary Journal

Secured Signing provides an Electronic Notary Journal. That is generated at the end of the signing process.

Edit Electronic Notary Journal details.

Edit the document name, select the type of Notarization, and enter the Notary Fee.

The Electronic Notary Journal appears as below;

You can export the Electronic Journal to PDF or an Excel file for your own use.

In My Report page you can run an Electronic Notary Report based on time period to cover notarizations done in a selected time period.

Using the Electronic Notary Journal for reporting.

Notary Journal Address not in the US – Overseas Address

If the signer’s address in not in the US scroll to the bottom of the list and click Country to select the country the signer lives.

Select “Other Countries”.

Step 5: Tagging the Document

Before sending out the invitation for a RON meeting the document needs to be prepared, by adding signature fields and notary fields/stamp.

Adding signature fields and notary fields/stamp.

Set up the Signature Properties, full or Initial Signatures, name and time stamp will be included in the signature as below.

Signature properties.

Add form Fields to be filled in online by the invitee/client/signer as below;

Add Form Fields.

Once all signatures have been added for all signers and the Notary, position them in the right place in the document and press next. If missing a signature press cancel from the Confirm Invitation Workflow popup to go back.

Confirm Invitation Workflow

In the Confirm Invitation Workflow Popup you can:

  1. Set up the signing due date, the default is 7 days from sending the email invitation. We will send 2 auto-reminders if the document is not completed by the signing due date. Be sure the due date is after the RON meeting date.
  2. Schedule Video Signing – RON meeting date and time
  3. Check signer details, you can update them here.
  4. Check the Identity Proofing and Credential Analysis are meeting your Notarization requirements, you can update them here
  5. Edit email invitation or send a personal message.
Confirm Due Date, Schedule Date Time and Check Invitees.

Check if Notary Information is correct, the Notary will be the host for the RON meeting.

Confirm Notary Information.

Press ‘Next’ to confirm the Notary journal information.

Once confirmed press ‘Send’.

Confirm Electronic Notary Journal.

You have full visibility of the signing process in the ‘In Progress’ Tab, and a few settings and workflow activity are available under Actions column.

Do you need anything else?