Notary: We Sign

In We sign you are able to invite any person to sign the document remotely or in person, with the Face To Face (F2F) process and invite the Notary to notarize the document.
Feature: Multiple Signatures and Notary Stamp
In case the account has multiple users or is part of an enterprise account plan, users can invite the appropriate Notary from the list to notarize the document. You can add Form Fields as well if you need information captured in the document, during notarization.
Feature: Adding Notary Signaure and Seal

Save Draft

Senders can now save drafts and continue tagging the document later. Every 5 minutes a draft is also auto-saved.
Click “Save Draft”.
Once a draft is saved it will appear in the Inbox and In-Progress tabs.
  1. Load We Sign Draft – To open and continue tagging the document.
  2. Remove Document Draft – Remove all fields and signatures and  from the document.

Add Document

If you need to add a document to a package after you have started placing signatures, you can add document and create a package in preparation stage.
The document can be added from your desktop, inbox, signed folder, or the template list.
To do this, select the document and click update package.

Replace Document

To replace a document and keep all form fields and the signature fields in place on the document select the replace document button. If the new file differs in size to the original you may need to do some fine tuning for form fields and signature position, however they will all remain in place.
Click “Replace Document”.
Select document source.

Documents order in Package

To change the document order in a package, use the up and down arrows in the document list. The top document will be the first in the signing process.

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