Notary: Knowledge Base Authentication

NOTE: This is only available for US Citizens with Secured Signing accounts.

Knowledge-based authentication, commonly referred to as KBA, is a method of authentication which seeks to prove the identity of someone accessing a service. As the name suggests, KBA requires the knowledge of private information of the individual to prove that the person providing the identity information is the owner of the identity. Dynamic KBA, which is based on questions generated from a wider base of personal information.

Identity proofing is the means by which the principal (signer of a document) affirms their identity. This is done through a third party who uses dynamic knowledge-based authentication (KBA). KBA is a process in which the principal is asked a series of questions about the principal’s identity and personal history. In order to pass, the principal must answer at least 80% of the questions correctly.

If the principal fails their first attempt, they may retake the quiz once within 24 hours. If the principal fails a second attempt, they are prohibited from retrying with the same notary for at least 24 hours.

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