Notary: ID Verification

Enhancing Identity Verification: Leveraging Government-Issued ID and Facial Recognition Technology.

Government-issued identity documents are at the heart of many identity-vetting processes. Performing up to 50 different text- and image-based tests and checking IDs against a database of nearly 4,100 ID types from nearly 200 countries.

The Facial matching software performs powerful biometric facial recognition match and liveness detection to prevent identity theft and fraud. A user simply captures an image of their government issued ID and then takes a selfie. The selfie image is compared to an extracted photo from the identity document such as a driver’s license or passport to verify a match and provide a confidence score.

NIST tested algorithm for biometric facial recognition match with optional advanced passive liveness test which requires no action and is iBeta compliant. Prevents presentation attacks from printed images, masks, recorded video or synthetic video.

Secured Signing enhances this ID Verification process by creating a strong link between the ID and the document. You can configure the matching process so that some data must be part of the ID presented in the ID Verification process and select which parameter you want to match with the ID.


ID verification settings: explained.

You can also decide if you want to continue the signing process if the data doesn’t match or stop the process. In either case an the sender receives an email notifying them about the mismatch. This same process applies to the Facial match, if the face of the signer doesn’t match the picture on the ID, or the selfie picture quality is poor. Signing process can stop or continue, sender will get email notification in unmatched case. A good score for Facial matching is about 80 points.


If ID verification settings: ‘If Not Match’ explained.

A link to ID Verification results can be embedded on the signed document to build trust and everybody can be sure the signers identity was checked and matches the provided ID.

This process can set be up on the fly per signing process in the Invitation Workflow popup.

Invitation Workflow.

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