Notary: RON Workflow

RON Process Setup & Execution Pathway

Login > RON > Package OR Single Document > Select document > MISMO Yes/No > Next > Notary/Queue > Schedule Date/Time > Chose ID Type > Next > Enter signers eMail address > Add Witness/Add Guest > Next > Enter Journal Elements > Start Tagging > Add Invitee > Add Form Fields > Add Notary Signature > Next Send

In Session Workflow

Login > My Invitations > Fill & Sign > Go To Meeting Room > Start Meeting (if signer present) > Signer Side = Click in eMail invitation “Click to Join”> Enter 4 digit passcode > Join

Share Screen >  Click blue icon at 3:30 on wheel > Select ENABLE FILLING/SIGN/SCREEN SHARE Signer Side Ok > Share Screen > Ok > Signer selects data/signature fields and completes signing > Green popup appear at top right indicating all items are complete.

Notary selects ENABLE FILLING/SIGN/SCREEN SHARE > Sign > Ok > Notary selects data/signature fields and completed signing > Green popup appear at top right indicating all items are complete > Click red icon to end session > End meeting

This reviews the basic workflow, please practice these procedures playing the role of both notary and signer.

Check out our video below.

Suggest review of 3 important PDF exhibits: Adding Fields During a Session, Failed IDV Procedure and Rescheduling a Session

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