Notary: How Secured Signing billing, credits and auto top up works

The assumption here is you signed up for a monthly subscription on 1.01.23 to include us storing your journal and recording at $14.95/month. Further you selected Auto Topup, meaning that when your account credit reservation balance drops below $15.00 you elected to have another $15.00 reserved off your debit/credit card.

Jan 1st, $15.00 is reserved off your debit/credit card, not charged but reserved for the upcoming monthly subscription fee.

Jan 3rd, you prepare a session with 1 signer whose identity must be confirmed via KBA & IDV, ($1.00 + $3.00) and you will add 1 stamp ($1.00) to the document and make a recording of the session ($5.00) for a total session charge of $10.00

Jan 3rd. your credit reservation balance is now $5.00, below the replenish threshold of $15.00 so another $15.00 is reserved from your debit/credit card. (running total reserved $30.00, available unassigned credits are $5.00 ($30 – $15 – $10 =$5.00)

Scenario 1: That’s all the activity during the 30-day billing period. At the 30-day mark you are billed $24.95. ($14.95 + $10.00) Leaving a credits balance of $5.05. Which is below the $15.00 replenish threshold so another $15.00 is reserved off your debit/credit card on 2.01.23. Now your balance in credits is $20.05 

Scenario 2: The anticipated session you scheduled did not occur. Seven days after the event was schedule the $10.00 in credits associated with that event are returned to your account so your credit balance is now $30.00. At the end of the month, you will be billed only $14.95 for your subscription leaving a credits balance of $15.05

Scenario 2a: You are notified that the signing is cancelled 2 days after you prepared it and had those credits debited from your account balance. You Login > In Progress > Actions tab > Click the red trash can icon > credits associated with that transaction are returned to your account.

Notice: You are billed at the end of your 30-day registration anniversary, so while reservations are deducted, and available balance is Topped Off from your debit/credit card you are not charged until the end of the 30 days. If you cancel your account anytime during the month you will be charged at that time for the subscription plus any completed activity.

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