Notary: Add a missed element in a session

To add, remove or reposition elements on a document while in a signing. The assumption below assumes that a notary realizes additional elements must be added to the document. This can occur any time before the notary signs the document. The notary has taken control of the session by clicking the below icon located at the 3:00 position on the wheel. First disable the notary/signers permission to execute the document by clicking DISABLE SIGN/SCREEN SHARE

Add a missed element in a session for RON - step 01

Once disabled the screen will now show the native document. By clicking on the Add Signature dropdown icon you may select the displayed items OR add any element from the gray selections displayed.

Manage Session Add Signature

Once added return to the blue icon and give control to the person who must now execute the missed element. Then proceed on as per usual.

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