Microsoft Dynamics 365: Send online forms to fill and sign with Form Direct

Please contact Secured Signing to create bespoke online forms for your company and we can make these available in your service via D365 Secured Signing plugin.

Step 1: Go to any entity details (e.g. Accounts)

Go to any entity detail (e.g. Accounts, Contacts, Leads)

Step 2: Choose “Form Direct” from the dropdown menu

Click to open the extra menu items, this will open Secured Signing. After click, it will jump to Secured Signing

Step 3: Select which forms you want to send

There may be some default forms already available in your service but please contact Secured Signing for bespoke forms for your business.

Step 4: Fill invitee details

Fill invitee firstname/lastname/email. Click Next button to continue.
Choose email template. Click Next button to continue.
Choose Due Date. Click Next button to continue.

Step 5: Review and send out invitations

Review all the settings before sending. Click Finish button to send.

Step 6: Check status of sent invitation

Invitation process is complete!

The invitee will get the email and a tracking record will be added into “Activities” tab (besides “Notes” tab) for the same entity.

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