Microsoft Dynamics 365: How to send a Smart Doc for signing with Secured Signing

Send Smart Doc to Secured Signing

Step 1: Go to any entity details

Go to any entity detail (e.g. Accounts, Contacts, Leads)

Step 2: Choose “Smart Doc” menu item

Click  to open extra menu items if you can’t see in menu.

Step 3: File list dialog pops and choose file(s) you want to send to Secured Signing

The file list shows all word templates for the current entity – including personal and system templates. Choose the Word template you want to send via Secured Signing. Click the “Send for Signature” button to send the form to Secured Signing.

Step 4: Fill invitee info

Fill in the Invitee’s first name, last name, and email address. The Smart Tags in the document already contain the information needed to tell Secured Signing where the signature is positioned so you don’t need to do this manually. Click Next button to continue
Choose Due Date Click Send button to send the document to invitee

Step 6: Check status of sent invitation

Invitation process is complete!

The invitee will get the email and a tracking record will be added into “Activities” tab (besides “Notes” tab) for the same entity.

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