Microsoft Dynamics 365: Get/Install the Secured Signing plugin from Microsoft AppSource

Step 1: Go to Microsoft AppSource

Step 2: Search “Secured Signing for Dynamics 365”

Step 3: Open “Secured Signing form Dynamics 365” plugin landing page

Open the Secured Signing plugin page where you can view further details.

Step 4: Click “Free Trial” to install the Secured Signing plugin

  1. Click “Free Trial to open a new popup window
  2. Click the button for “I give Microsoft permission…”
  3. Click “Continue”

We assume that you are already logged in to AppSource with a Dynamics365 account with administrator permissions.

Step 5: Choose which Dynamics 365 instance you want

Microsoft will ask to choose which Dynamics 365 instance you want to install.

Step 6: Installing Secured Signing Plugin

Microsoft will install the Secured Signing plugin. You can check the progress in the Dynamics 365 Administration Center.

Step 7: Start to use Secured Signing plugin

The D365 Admin user can find the Secured Signing plugin in “Settings” > “Solutions”.

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