Microsoft Dynamics 365: Create/Connect Secured Signing Enterprise Account within Microsoft Dynamics 365

Step 1: Go to Dynamics 365 instance

Open your Dynamics 365 instance in the web browser.

Step 2: Open Secured Signing Settings

Navigate to Secured Signing Settings
  1. Open Sales and go to the Settings Menu.
  2. Click the SSL App Settings button under application.

Step 3: Secured Signing Settings Page Appear

The settings page appears. You need to login

Step 4: Login with Organization Administrator

Click the “Authorize Secured Signing App” button in the settings page. You must be a Systems Administrator to do this.

Step 5: Create Enterprise Account Trial for 30 Days

On the first installation, click the OK button to create a Secured Signing Enterprise Account for a 30-day trial.

Step 6: Connect CRM users to Secured Signing

After creating your Enterprise Account, you need to bind your CRM users to Secured Signing. Tick the “Connect” checkbox on each selected CRM user and then click the green “Connect” button. If one of these users already has an existing Secured Signing account, please contact us directly.

Step 7: Setup Successfully


You just created an Enterprise Account for a 30-Day trial and connected your existing users to Secured Signing. The status will now show as “Free Trial”. You will be sent an email to activate the new account to start using the service.

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