How to Send Documents for Signing within Bullhorn

Discover the convenience of Secured Signing, now seamlessly integrated into the Bullhorn Marketplace.

Easily send documents for online filling and signing. In this tutorial, learn how to efficiently send a one-time document for signature.

Just follow these easy steps:

Within Bullhorn, locate your desired candidate or client, then navigate to the Actions button and select Secured Signing.
Opt for the ‘We Sign’ feature to invite multiple signatories for a single document.
Upload the document from your Bullhorn record or your computer.

Initiate the ‘We Sign’ process by selecting the document and clicking ‘Send for Signature’. This two-stage process involves specifying signatories and their positions within the document.

Easily add invitees, adjust signature placement, and customize settings.
Set the signing workflow preferences—due dates, signing order, email templates, additional attachments, and more—based on your preferences and enabled Secured Signing settings.

Once sent, the invitee, like candidate Stuart Wood, receives an email invitation, with an associated note under their profile within Bullhorn.

To monitor the signing progress, access the Secured Signing tab within the candidate’s profile. View live signing workflows, status updates, start and due dates. Further manage the signing process seamlessly by clicking the information icon.

Thank you for exploring this efficient demonstration. For any inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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