Notary: Hosting a RON Video Signing Meeting

Start Meeting

Video Signing Meetings starts with the host, all participants will wait until the host starts the meeting.

The host starts the meeting by clicking on their email invitation to host the Video Signing Meeting.


Select your camera, speaker and microphone.

The host will be required to share their screen for video meeting recording.

Select Screen to Share

Select the screen you would like to share.

The Meeting Buttons Control Panel

1. Leave the meeting. The Orange button allows participants to leave and re-join the meeting as long as the session remains active. If the Host leaves the meeting it will stop the meeting for all participants after 5 minutes.

2. Manage Signing. The Blue button manages the signers. The Manage signer button allows host to manage the signing process who will sign and share their screen next. In the image below only the host and Stu Wood are online in this meeting and Stu is ready to sign. The host needs to click on the Enable Sign/Screen Share button.

3. Mic mute/unmute. The purple button toggles mute.

4. Pause Recording / Start Recording. The light-blue button allows you to pause the recording of the session and continue recording if paused. By default recording will auto-start.

5. End Video Signing Meeting. The red button ends the meeting for all participants.

6. Close Menu.

Meeting Buttons Control Panel
Enable Invitee to Screen Share

Manage Signers.

7. ID Visual Check. The Green button initiates the ID visual check. Click this to select a participant to hold up their ID allowing you to verify their identity and compare with the ID verification done before the meeting. Their details will be displayed on the left and the live video will be displayed on the right.

ID Visual Check

ID Visual Check

Sync All Here. The host can scroll to any page on the document and click ‘Sync All Here’ (located on the left side of the document) to bring all the participants screens to same location on the document.

Sync All Invitees to a Page

End Meeting

The host can end the video signing meeting for attendees, if all invitees have signed, the end of meeting screen will show, and signed document will be sent automatically to all parties.

End Meeting After All Invitees Signed

A green notification should appear in the top right once all signers have signed.

In case some participants didn’t join the meeting and or sign the document, the host can end the meeting for all and invitees that didn’t sign will receive an invitation to sign remotely, without Video Signing. 


Or the host can schedule a new Video Signing meeting for invitees that didn’t already sign.

End Meeting for All Invitees

Reschedule a New Meeting

The host can setup a new date and time for a new meeting with any invitees that didn’t sign, this new meeting will require Video Signing credits to schedule.

Email invitations will send out to participants for the new date and time for the Video Signing Meeting, they can join the new meeting from this invitation.

Reschedule Video Signing

Reschedule the Meeting

Video Audio – Bad Quality

Once the RON Session is established and everybody is in the online meeting, you will notice at the bottom of the screen that the session is recording, the network quality (or network status) of the online meeting, and the meeting time duration.

Video and Audio Quality Status

Your meeting is recording, duration, and network status.

If your network quality shows as having one bar for your RON Session, your video and/or audio will be of bad quality. If this is the case, please end the meeting and reschedule a session with all signers and the notary.

End Meeting when Video Quality is Low

Click the red button to “end meeting”.

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