Form Filler – Fill in and sign as an Invitee

How to Fill and Sign as an Invitee

The FormFiller provides a user-friendly and efficient way to collect data and complete electronic forms. It eliminates the need for manual paperwork and enables a streamlined and secure process for gathering information from recipients.

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Step 1

Access the document from the Invitation Email

Click the View and Sign button on the email invitation. The service will automatically look for any existing signatures and verify if they are valid. If no existing signatures are found you will see a notification popup explaining what to do.

Click the Ok to continue.

FromFiller 1

Step 2

Fill in the Details

Review the document, Fill in with the required information by clicking on each form field. The Next sticker will guide the Invitee on the next field to fill. A Sign Here sticker indicates where the signature/s will be placed. 

As you fill out the form, Secured Signing may perform real-time validation to ensure data accuracy. If any errors or missing information are detected, you will be prompted to correct them before submitting the form. 

It is important to Review and Edit: Before finalizing the form, take the time to review your entries and make any necessary edits or changes. Double-check for accuracy and completeness.

Step 3

Complete the process and Sign the document

Once you all done, click the Signature Box to sign the document. 

The service may ask you for additional details such as Job Title, Reason for signing and a Witness for Witness signing. Enter the required details and continue.

And that’s it! The document is now signed and the document owner notified. You can view, download and verify the signed document.

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