Bullhorn: Setup Secured Signing Account for your Company

Step 1: Open Secured Signing in Marketplace in Bullhorn Menu

Login to Bullhorn with an admin user

Open Secured Signing in Menu/Marketplace

Step 2: Step by Step Connection Wizard

If Secured Signing is not connected yet, everywhere you try to use the integration, it will take you to this connection wizard.

Click Start to continue.

Step 3: Fill-in your Company Details

Register a Secured Signing company account

  1. The integration grabs company details from Bullhorn for you; correct or complete fields if anything is wrong or missing.
  2. Please agree to Secured Signing Terms of Use to continue.
  3. Click Next to setup a Secured Signing account for your company.

Step 4: Connect Users to Secured Signing

You can connect user to Secured Signing now so they can start to use it; or you can manage user connections later in Secured Signing dashboard

  1. The integration gets available user lists from Bullhorn
  2. Click Actions and choose Connect to connect selected user
  3. Click Next to go to next step.

Step 5: Set-up Company Account Successfully


All done. Your Secured Signing company account has been created.

Next, you can navigate to a record and start to use Secured Signing.

Click Done button to continue.

Do you need anything else?