Bullhorn: Set-up Form Direct Field Mapping

Please contact Secured Signing to create Online Forms for your company and it will be available in Bullhorn Secured Signing integration.

Step 1: Open Secured Signing in Marketplace in Bullhorn Menu

Login to Bullhorn with an Admin User

Open Secured Signing in Menu/Marketplace


Step 2: Find Admin Portal in Secured Signing Dashboard

Admin Portal

A button that redirect you to Secured Signing Enterprise Portal where you can manage company settings; only visible for the user that has Secured Signing admin role.

When a user has been assigned the admin role, an notification email will be sent.


Step 3: Go to Form Direct Settings

In Secured Signing Enterprise (Admin) Portal

  1. Select Settings in the menu
  2. Select Form Direct in the right panel

In Form Direct Settings

  1. Select a form to setup
  2. Select Field Mapping in the tab
  3. Select Bullhorn from the drop down list

Step 4: Map Fields

There are field list from the Form Direct form, setup the mapping one by one.

  • Secured Signing Form Fields: list the fields in the form
  • Bullhorn Field Group: the entity in Bullhorn, e.g. a candidate or a client contact
  • Bullhorn Field Name: the field of the entity, e.g. first name of the candidate
  • Form Field Settings
    • Show Value: whether to show the value in the form if the value is existing in Bullhorn
    • Editable: whether to allow the invitee to edit the field or read only
    • Update Bullhorn Value: whether to update value in Bullhorn after the form signed

Step 5: Save Mapping

Click Save button to save the mapping.

Now start a Form Direct process, the fields should work as the setting in mapping.

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