Bullhorn: Invite People to Sign a Document Template with Form Filler

Step 1: Open Secured Signing

Open a record that the entity is Secured Signing integrated.

Click Secured Signing in Actions dropdown menu.


Step 2: Start Form Filler

In Secured Signing start page, Select Form Filler.


Step 3: Document Template Grid

In the template grid, you can find columns

  • Template Name
  • Template Creator
  • Template Last Changed Date
  • Export Form Data
  • Broadcast Enabled
  • Template Actions that what you can do with the template

You can create pack to organize the template in the left panel.

You can Search template using the search button on the right header.

When choose a pack to send, a package will be created from the templates inside pack

What you can do with the template

Each template comes with Secured Signing basic actions, including

  • : Click to edit the template
  • : Click to replace the templete document to a new one
  • : Click to copy the template to a new one
  • : Click to share the templte within your organization
  • : Click to delete the template
  • : Click to orginize the template in packs

Step 4: Select Template and Send

In the template grid, select one or more template

Click Send button to start to create a document from the template and send for signature

Preview and Send

Click the dropdown list besides Send

A document preview will show up to let your preview the document

After preview, click Next to go to next step


Step 5: Send out invitation to sign

Click Next to open the signatories’ workflow popup and prepare the signing procedure

Here, you can:

  1. Set a signing due date / time;
  2. Define a specific signing order. (Tick the Sequential box and drag green bar to change order.)
  3. Review the details of the invitees.
  4. Click Send button to send out the invitation.

What’s more, you can:

  1. Edit Invitation Email: add personal messages, edit the subject line to send with the invitation emails,or select email template from the list
  2. Add Attachments: add document / flyer files as attachments to send with the invitation emails. Adding attachments to email invitation has no extra cost.

Step 6: Check status of sent invitation

Invitation process is complete!

The invitee will get the email and a document record will be added into your document list in Secured Signing tab to follow up the process.

Do you need anything else?