Bullhorn: Connect Users of your Company to Secured Signing

Step 1: Open Secured Signing in Marketplace in Bullhorn menu

Login to Bullhorn with an Admin User

Open Secured Signing in Menu/Marketplace

Step 2: Open Admin tab in Secured Signing Dashboard

Navigate to Secured Signing User Connections

  1. Click Admin tab to get User Connection list.

Step 3: Manage User Connections

If a user has not connected yet, when click Actions button, options are

  • Connect: Click to connect this user to Secured Signing.

If a user has connected, when click Actions button, options are

  • Upgrade: Click to upgrade this user from trial, so that this user will use the paid plan
  • Add/Remove Admin Role: Click to add or remove admin role; Admin role allows this user can login to Secured Signing Enterprise portal to manage company account settings.
  • Disconnect: Click to remove user connection, a popup will show to double confirm the disconnect action.

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