Secured Signing + Twilio

Twilio’s mission is to unlock the imagination and to build insightful paths for their customers, so they’re smarter with every interaction and able to outmaneuver their competition.

twilio for secured signing

The benefits of Secured Signing partnering with Twilio

High-quality video and audio: Twilio’s video conferencing platform uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver high-quality video and audio, even on low-bandwidth connections ensuring that your video signing and Remote Online Notarization sessions are always clear and crisp.

Ease of use: Twilio’s allows Secured SIgning to provide easy to use Video SIgning and Remote Online Notarization software to its customers and clients.

Extensive Functionality: Twilio allows Secured Signing Video Signing and Remote Online Notarization sessions to be run smoothly with vast functionality including screen sharing, host functionality, and more.