Secured Signing + IdenTrust

IdenTrust is a leading provider of digital certificates that establish the basis for trusted identity solutions recognized in the United States and the globe as the best bank-developed identity authentication system in the world.

Why Secured Signing partnered with IdenTrust

IdenTrust, a pivotal component of HID Global, stands at the forefront of digital certificate provision, establishing the bedrock for trusted identity solutions acclaimed by financial institutions, healthcare providers, government agencies, and enterprises globally. As the sole bank-originated identity authentication system worldwide, IdenTrust leads in trusted identity solutions recognized by financial institutions, U.S. government agencies, and businesses worldwide.

Facilitating a legally and technologically interoperable environment spanning 175+ countries, IdenTrust offers unparalleled certification, including through U.S. FBCA cross-certified PKI programs. This enables seamless trust and reliability among commercial entities, state, local government, and the U.S. Federal Government. A division of HID Global, an esteemed brand within the ASSA ABLOY Group, IdenTrust pioneers secure, reliable identity authentication solutions.

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