Secured Signing for Employrite

Empower Your Hiring with Employrite’s Cutting-Edge Secured Signing Solutions!

Employrite leads the way in background screening and pre-employment verification, revolutionizing how employers make crucial hiring choices. Teaming up with Secured Signing’s Digital Signature software, Employrite is your go-to partner for risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, and creating a rock-solid document flow. Say goodbye to uncertainty—Employrite equips employers with precise, trustworthy insights into job applicants, ensuring confident and informed hiring decisions!

Some of Secured Signing’s Key benefits are:
  • No More Paperwork: Printing, signing, scanning & uploading is a thing of the past. Turn any printed form into a digital one.
  • Save Time Following Up: Automated Notifications and Reminders during the signing process. We will keep chasing people to sign documents for you and alert you if they haven’t.
  • Ensure Compliance: Increase your compliance, accuracy rates and stop searching for paperwork.
  • Legally Binding: Sign with PKI digital signature technology with a full audit trail of who signed what documents, where and when.
  • Improved Experience: Fast, easy signing of contracts for clients & invitees– a full digital experience when interacting with you.
  • Built for any Process: Includes common government forms including Tax Declaration Form (TFN), Super Choice, IRD, KiwiSaver, and ACC.
  • Document Uploading: Invitees can upload compliance documents with a few clicks – drivers license , passports, work visa, and any document to support application.
  • Easy Reporting: Advance reporting and visibility of signing process let you know what is happening in your organization with a click of the button, real time!

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