Empowering Auckland Lawyers: Streamlining Document Signing with Secured Signing

Secured Signing for ADLS

The Auckland District Law Society (ADLS) plays a significant role in supporting and promoting the legal profession in the Auckland region of New Zealand. Lawyers who practice in the Auckland area often become members of the ADLS to access the services, support, and professional development opportunities it provides.

ADLS members can utilize Secured Signing as a standalone solution or incorporate it into their legal practice to streamline document signing processes. Secured Signing enables users to send documents for electronic signature, track the signing process, and securely store the signed documents.

Here’s a general overview of how Secured Signing can be used by ADLS members:

  • Document Preparation: ADLS members can prepare their legal documents in the desired format using their preferred software, such as Microsoft Word or PDF editors.
  • Electronic Signatures: Recipients will receive an email notification with a secure link to access the document and electronically sign it using Secured Signing’s intuitive interface. The platform offers various signing methods, including typed signatures, drawing signatures, and digital certificates.

  • Tracking and Notifications: ADLS members can track the progress of document signing through the Secured Signing platform. They will receive notifications when recipients view, sign, or complete the signing process.

  • Audit Trail and Compliance: Secured Signing maintains a comprehensive audit trail that records all activities related to the signing process, providing a tamper-evident record of the document’s lifecycle. This helps ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Document Storage and Management: The signed documents can be securely stored within the Secured Signing platform or integrated with other document management systems for easy retrieval and record-keeping purposes.

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