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In this article we will cover how to upload and send a document(s) for signing in Saleforce

Step 1. Upload document(s) for signing

Choose the object you need to send a document for signing, in this example we have used ‘A Contact’. Upload your document or documents for signing first, Click ‘upload file’ in the notes & attachments session.

Note: You can select multiple documents and invitees can sign them at one time. Secured Signing supports following document types:
•PDF Documents (.pdf)
•Rich Text Documents (.rtf)
•Microsoft Word Documents (.docx, .doc)
•Microsoft Excel Documents (.xlsx, .xls)
•OpenDocument Files (.odt, .ods)

Step 2. Start a Signing Process

Now you are ready to start a signing process, click ‘Start Secured Signing’ button WeSign Upload Doc

In the Secured Signing Menu choose ‘WeSign’ WeSign in Salesforce

Select the document or documents that require signing.

Note: If you select multiple this will create a package.

Click ‘Start WeSign’ Select Document for signing

Step 3. Prepare your document

Navigate to the right page(s) where a signature is required. Use the navigation bar on the right or the drop down menu at the top.

To Add your invitee (person that needs to sign) click ‘Add Invitee Signature’

You will see a list of all individuals related to the Salesforce object you are in, in this example a contact record.

Select the right invitee & position the signature box in the right place.

You can also add people to sign who’s details are not in Salesforce by choosing ‘Add New Invitee Signatures’ to add their details manually. This include Email, First Name & Last Name.

To add a field, by default the integration grabs fields related to Salesforce record, you can also insert Secured Signing Fields such as: Text Box, Multi Line Text Box, Checkbox, Radio Button, Date picker, Drop Down List and File Upload Button.

Once you’ve positioned all signatures and fields click ‘NEXT’ WeSign Page

Need to Remove signature or field

If a signature or field has been placed by mistake, you can select it and click the ‘Remove’ button to delete it. Delete a field

Step 4. Set the Signing Workflow

Click Next to open the signatories ‘Invitation Workflow’ popup and prepare the signing process.

Here, you can:
1.Set a signing due date / time;
2.Define a specific signing order. (Tick the Sequential box and drag green bar to change order.)
3.Review the details of the invitees.
4.Click Send button to send out the invitation and start the signing process! Invitation workflow Secured Signing

Additional Workflow Features

Some additional workflow features includes:
Edit Invitation Email

Add personal messages, edit the subject line to send with the invitation emails,or select email template from the list Edit Invitation Email

Add Attachments

Add document / flyer files/ handbook/ terms & conditions as attachments to send with the invitation emails. These are documents that do not require signing. Adding attachments to email invitation has no extra cost.

The invitee will get the email and a document record will be added into your document list in Secured Signing tab to follow up the process.


To enable different workflow options, you need to activate them first in your Secured Signing Account Settings. In Secured Signing, go to ‘My Account’ -> My Settings to enable the different workflow features.

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