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MISMO Compliance

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If you are performing a real estate transaction (Mortgage Purchase, Refinance, etc.)  we recommend using our method for MISMO Compliance.  Mortgage Bankers Association in conjunction with MISMO require that KBA and ID Verification are in a continuous session.

We recommend the principal complete the KBA and ID Verification 25 minutes before RON session starts and wait for the notary to join the meeting. Please ask your customer not to close his/her browser. If at any time prior to the session the principal loses connectivity or closes the browser, the principal will have to initiate both the KBA and ID Verification again.  Have the principal click on the link in the original email to proceed.

Turn On MISMO Compliance From Your Account Settings

To turn the “MISMO Compliance” setting on log in to your Secured Signing Paid Notary Account.

Go to My Account > My Settings > Notary and Scroll Down.

Once you have scrolled down, you will see “Default RON workflow. If you are performing real estate transactions (Mortgage Purchase, Refinance, etc.) we recommend enabling “MISMO Compliance” by “ticking” the MISMO Compliance box.

Using Notary Wizard for One-Off Real Estate Transactions

If you need to use Secured Signing’s MISMO Compliance Workflow, but it won’t be on a regular basis, you can set this up in step 1 of the RON Scheduling wizard (or the Notary wizard).

The default setting is derived from your account settings shown earlier, but when you schedule a RON session you can specify whether this specific transaction has to be carried out in a way that is MISMO compliant. Remember to check this option is YES whenever you’re dealing with real-estate related notarizations

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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