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Secured Signing's Notary survey shows significant adoption of Remote Online Notarization by the Notary Community

Thursday, 16 December 2021

New research conducted by Remote Online Notarization (RON) platform, Secured Signing in their 2021 Notary Survey has revealed that Notary Public's are positive about the future of remote notarization with many of the surveyed already being RON certified.

63% of the self-employed notaries stated that they were RON Certified, 92% of signing agents are RON Certified and 59% of in-house notaries are RON certified, displaying a trend that notaries were becoming RON certified.

A self-employed Virginia notary of 10 years said that they “believe RON will become more relevant and valuable in the marketplace” and a Missouri notary of 1 year thinking that “RON notarizations are an excellent innovation and a great opportunity for notaries to expand their job set it's definitely a plus in this industry”.

Over 52% of all documents notarized were legal-related with 28% of responders saying they notarized wills online. About 58% of notaries in the survey said they notarized real estate transactions.

“With COVID-19, RON provides notaries with a safe and easy way to get documents notarized online, protecting themselves and their clients,” says Mike Eyal, CTO at Secured Signing.

“As a technology provider in the Notary industry, seeing a high number of notaries looking to get RON certified is promising and shows signs of where the industry is heading in the future.”

Secured Signing found that self-employed notaries’ ability to market outside their geographical area, robust identity checking and digital storage, and the potential for more customers, were the highest rated main benefits of RON.

Other self-employed notaries, such as a Texas notary of 10+ year's experience said that “platform overall costs and the ease of use for signers and the notary ” were other top benefits reflected in the survey and key to making a decision on choosing a RON provider.

Signing agents stated “less paperwork being required” and “more potential customers” as their main benefits for using a RON provider.

Secured Signing found that notaries were getting new customers from a variety of methods, including but not limited to Google and Facebook (20%), Online Directories (8%), Word of Mouth (20%), friends and family (22%), from title companies (16%), and referrals (9%) .

“With the recent findings in how notaries get new customers, we continue to develop and improve our offering, which includes our recent launch of the Notary Community, a directory where Notaries can create their own Notary profile and get documents sent to them.”

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