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Secured Signing to Present Digital Signature solutions at WA Local Government Seminar

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Secured Signing, the Australasia Leader of Digital Signatures Solutions, today announced the company is to present at the WA Local Government Records Group to be held on the 28th of November in Western Australia.

The Digital Signature Seminar, organised by City of Armadale records’ team, brings Local Government IT, Records, Planning, and Procurement representatives together with the digital signature’s specialised team, which will discuss and showcase how hosted and on-premise digital signature solutions benefit Councils and enhance secure and compliant paperless processes.

To date, around half of documents that need a signature are still involved in prolonged, old fashioned paper practices which may delay or disrupt crucial Local Government processes. Furthermore, in this advanced high-tech era, suppliers, ratepayers, and employees are looking for prompt, efficient, and timely electronic proceedings. Keen to fulfil these expectations, Councils of all sizes have found the answer in the trusted user-based PKI digital signature technology

The Free seminar will cover the following:

  • How getting signatures prevents Councils from completing their journey to a paperless office
  • How user-based PKI digital signatures ensure authenticity and reliability of electronic documents
  • When to use hosted services such as Secured Signing
  • When to use on-premise solutions such as CoSign
  • Demonstrations and case studies
  • Legality: Council’s legal representative will discuss framework and impact on business procedures.

“Local Government adoption of on-premises and hosted digital signature technology enables Councils to safely shift into the world of streamlined modern business processes,” says Mike Eyal, Secured Signing’s Managing Director. “These robust and reputable key solutions cut costs, improve staff productivity, expedite delivery cycles, and enhance a green environment.”

Local Government members are welcome to Register Now.

About Secured Signing

Secured Signing provides a comprehensive and secure SaaS digital signature service that delivers a full range of filling-in and signing capabilities while combining advanced PKI technology and verification capacity from anywhere at any time. This results in an easy to use, simple to deploy, compliant solution. Secured Signing bases its activities on the extensive knowledge and experience of its team of experts in the development of data security products, and provides its services to a wide range of industries worldwide.

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