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Secured Signing Revolutionises Procurement Contract Signing Automation

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Secured Signing, the Australian and New Zealand Market Leader in eSignature and eForm Solutions, Unfolds Newest Technology to Create an Efficient Paperless Procurement Process.

Secured Signing, the leading provider of User-Based PKI Digital Signature SaaS technology, today announced its Smart Tag feature can now be integrated into the procurement document creation process within the CRM system, as well as in PDF and MS Word procurement documents. Secured Signing’s new property enables sound and complete recorded information with the pivotal inclusion of the signatory’s full name, e-mail address, field for personalised text , definition of signature type (full or initials), and sequential order of signers in cases of multiple signers.

Additionally, Secured Signing’s smart-tag provides the ability to securely circulate electronic documents enables prompt document approval by members from anywhere, anytime, by any device, and supplies automatic and instant reports that track document status and signing progress.

The current business shift to electronic practices carries with it expectations by organisations and suppliers to conduct their procurement processes in a compliant, highly secured, and efficient online environment. Secured Signing’s smart-tag for procurement exceeds these requirements with its many characteristics that eliminate the paper trail and guarantee a streamlined and successful procurement process.

“Secured Signing’s Smart-Tag for procurement delivers a robust yet easy to use tool that enhances quick online signing of hundreds of pages by numerous parties, and reduces contract approval from several weeks to just a few hours”, said Mike Eyal, Secured Signing Managing Director. “We are excited to continue to offer leading innovative eForm and eSigning solutions that advance and benefit a variety of industries, their businesses, staff, and customers.”

About Secured Signing

Secured Signing provides a comprehensive and secure SaaS digital signature service that delivers a full range of form completion and signing capabilities that combine advanced user-based PKI technology with easy-to-use, simple-to-deploy, compliant solution. Secured Signing enables its users to utilise smartphones, PCs, any tablet device , and any browser, to capture their graphical signature, fill-in, sign and seal documents, and verify them anywhere, anytime. The Green technology saves paper and storage space while cutting back on power consumption and dependence on carbon-producing services

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