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Secured Signing Launches Online Trusted Digital Signatures Service

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Innovative, compliant, and easy to use web based signing platform that enables businesses to digitally sign documents, invite others and sign online with handwritten signatures.

Auckland, New Zealand, 03/10/2010 -
Secured SigningTM ( today, launched the beta version of Digital Signatures Service that automates and manages the signing process of documents for any business size. Secured SigningTM service speeds up the signing process, reduces operational and processing costs and promotes a paperless, green environment

A user can access the service from anywhere at any time, add documents, invite people to sign (with a witness if required), set signing due date, and track the signing process. Secured SigningTM Free Verification service allows anyone to verify their signed documents on their stand-alone desktop at any time and also access archived documents.

A User, an Invitee and a Witness are able to sign documents online by using different options to capture their graphical signature including: font script, PC Mouse, tablet PC, upload image signature file or by capturing their handwritten signature.

Businesses need to get documents signed faster in order to close more deals! Often bottlenecks in the signing process may be experienced due to a large volume of documents that need to be signed or posted at any one time. In some cases the necessary signatory is absent or the document has been forgotten, damaged, or lost etc.

Secured SigningTM service delivers a reliable, simple and comprehensive solution that speeds up the business process, keeps track of the signing process, makes documents accessible any time, anywhere. It can assist businesses to achieve their full potential.

-Mike Eyal, CEO and Co-Founder of Secured SigningTM.

Secured SigningTM I Sign allows a registered user to add documents to the service, select a single-page or multi-page signing option, add a signature's description, date, time and job title with just a click of the mouse.

Secured SigningTM We Sign enables a registered user to add documents to the service and invite people to sign with a witness option. Also set up a signing due date, add signatories' job title, signing description, configure signing workflow, track the signing process status and much more. After a document has been signed it can be verified on each of the partie's' standalone Desktop computer or onnline at Secured SigningTM Free Verification Service.

With Secured SigningTM Form Filler you are able to fill in any form online and sign, or redesign the form and invite others to fill in details and sign.

Secured SigningTM service is affordable for any business and it's free for invitees and witness's to sign documents online.

About Secured SigningTM
Secured SigningTM provides a comprehensive and secured web-based digital signatures service that delivers a full range of signing capabilities. Secured Signing incorporates advanced PKI technology, an easy to use, simple to deploy, compliant solution.

Secured SigningTM was founded in 2008 by TME Consulting Ltd., a privately owned New Zealand company, established in 2003.

By using the Secured SigningTM web based digital signatures solution, companies and organisations of all sizes are able to streamline business processes, cut back on expenses, expedite delivery cycles, improve staff efficiency, enhance customer service, save on paper and storage space, and Go Green! Additional information available at